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Video Review

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Hey guys today i have a product that might interest pet owners and people who love to ride bikes it's called the Buddyrider.

It is supposed to go on your bike and it's essentially a forward facing bike seat for your pet to sit on while you ride. 

Lately i've been going on a lot of bike rides just because a lot of gyms are closed and i like to stay active. The weather's been really nice and i realised that my dogs want to come along with me so i bought this Buddyrider and i'm going to unbox it now.

I hope my dog aren't scared of it. One of my dogs has experience with riding in the basket on the bike i'll try to find an old picture if i can find it, but it was a much less safe basket. I do remember that she really liked riding in it so i hope she likes writing in this one too. 

So just for people who are curious the maximum pet weight is 13.5kg or thirty pounds and I forget the minimum but i remember that our dogs are a little bit below that. This is why we bought this Buddyrider cushion so that they fit better.  

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