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Will My Dog Fit The Buddyrider?

The Buddyrider was originally designed around a 10.5kg (23lb) Parsons Russell Terrier and made with as much flexibility in mind as possible. 

We are often asked what size of dog will fit. In other words how do I measure my dog? There is no easy way to take a tape measure and measure the length and height of your dog and then compare it to other breeds, because weight, leg length and stature also play a role. We find it best to compare by breed type in combination with weight. For example most dogs of the terrier family because they usually don’t have many very prominent physical features such as very long legs, or a heavy set body etc, will fit all the way up to the Buddyrider’s maximum engineered weight of 13.5kg (30lbs).

The following is a guide to give an average comfortable maximum weight range (wenight in below table in lbs)