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Pumpkin Powder

your dog's digestive health

Longer lasting canned pumpkin alternative

Easy to prepare & delicious

Aids digestion & soothes stomachs

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Benefits of daily use

Digestive support

Pumpkin (a natural prebiotic) aids digestion and soothes sensitive stomachs.

Keeps poops firm

Pumpkin powder is high in fibre that provides all-natural long-term digestive and overall health.

Packed with nutrients

Pumpkin is high in Vitamin C & E, Alpha & Beta Caratones, Potassium & Magnesium.

Delicious tasting 

Sprinkle dry for a tasty garnish or mix with water to create a purée.

The #1 Choice For Your Dog's Digestion

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Settled pooch's tummy = happy owner

"After trying for one week, I can say it has been a god send. Without getting too graphic, her stomach is definitely a lot more settled - no more nasty shocks for us when we come downstairs in the morning."

- Stephanie V.

Saved on vet's bills

"My dog suffers bouts of upset tummy. Gave him a this powder and omg no more runs!!! Would definitely recommend! Not only that but my dog loved the smell and the taste!"

- Jana R.

Sorted my dogs stool

"Amazing! Really does work! Honestly can’t believe how much it’s helped my dogs upset stomach due to allergies. He gets this every day and now has nice solid stool."

- Joseph

Packed With Quality Ingredients...

Maximum Daily Serving

Serving Size - 1 tsp

30 servings per pouch

Small dogs 

1.5 tsp

Medium dogs


Large dogs

4.5 tsp

XL dogs

6 tsp

Praised by Leading Vets...

"As a vet, I am a real fan of pumpkin and pumpkin pulp powder. I frequently recommend it to my clients. This high fibre super food will help bulk up stools."

Dr Linda Simon MVB MRCVS

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Pumpkin Powder

Great Tasting

Made in the UK

Approved by Vets

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